Developmental Services Human Resources Strategy

In 2008 the Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy was launched, as a partnership between the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) and the Provincial Network on Developmental Services. It was initiated with a vision to professionalize the sector and ensure the best quality of supports for people with developmental disabilities in Ontario. It continues to make significant strides in positioning employment in the developmental services sector as a “career of choice” in Ontario and improving and maintaining a quality workforce in Ontario DD.

The goals of the Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy from the beginning have been to:

  • Increase pool of qualified developmental services professionals
  • Ensure consistency in education, training and professional development in Ontario’s Developmental Services Sector
  • Provide opportunity for a variety of career paths for developmental service professionals
  • Enhance management expertise.

This strategy is designed to enhance the effectiveness of agency recruitment practices by appealing to prospective employees who are seeking a “meaningful career” and who are passionate about making a positive contribution to the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

The DS HR Strategy has taken a multi-pronged approach, including developing and implementing core competencies in Ontario’s Developmental Services developing a model for consistent workplace learning (Formally Agency-Based Training), Best HR Practices, and strategies to impact the education of our future workforce. Talent management and succession planning are two recent initiatives as well. 

The DS HR Strategy has worked with many stakeholders throughout the sector to ensure that outcomes of its work ultimately enhance the lives of the people who receive support in Ontario’s Developmental Services sector.

For more information please view the following Video on the Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy, produced by Bottle Media.