DS HR Strategy Steering Committee Membership


The Human Resource Strategy Steering Committee (HRSSC) will oversee, monitor and integrate all aspects of the sector’s human resource strategy including, but not limited to, the process, timelines and deliverables of all committees and its key objectives as identified below:

  • Core Competencies Provincial Implementation Committee
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning Committee
  • Communications and Marketing Committee

The HRSSC will develop, monitor and evaluate a project plan that will ensure the effective functioning of all committees and the integration and implementation of the overall DS human resource strategy, as per agreed timeframes and deliverables.

The Strategy will be consistent with the vision, principles and objectives of the developmental services transformation initiative, including citizenship, fairness and equity, accessibility and portability, safety and security, accountability and sustainability.


Committee Chairs: 

Ann Bilodeau and Christine Kuepfer


Committee Members:

NamePositionAgency/MinistryContact Information
Ann Bilodeau

Co-chair, HR Strategy Steering Committee

Executive Director, KW Habilitation Services

Christine KuepferCo-chair, HR Strategy Steering CommitteeDirector, Program Policy Implementation Branch, MCSSchristine.kuepfer@ontario.ca
Sandra McNamaraMember, Chair of Core Competencies Provincial Implementation CommitteeExecutive Director, CL North Grenvillesmcnamara@communitylivingnorthgrenville.ca
Indu RadhakrishnanMember, Chair HR Metrics Task GroupManager Organizational Development Community Living Londonindu.radhakrishnan@cll.on.ca
Bruce WilsonMember, Chair of Talent Management and Succession Planning CommitteeVP, Human Resources, Surrey PlaceBruce.Wilson@surreyplace.on.ca
Steve FinlayMemberCEO, Surrey Place CentreSteve.Finlay@surreyplace.on.ca
Joe PersaudMember, Co-chair of Workforce Development and HR Practices Implementation CommitteeRegional Executive Director Etobicoke/North York of Community Living Torontojpersaud@cltoronto.ca
Michelle MarshallMember, Chair DSHRS Communications and Marketing Committee Executive Director, Participation House - Durham Region mmarshall@phdurham.com
Robert HickeyMemberFaculty, Queen's Universityhickeyr@queensu.ca
Holly DuffMember, Chair DSHRS Forum CommitteeFanshawe Collegehduff@fanshawec.ca
Aisha Dag-EllamsMemberProgram Analyst, MCSSaisha.dag-ellams@ontario.ca
Ann-Marie BinettiMemberDS HR Strategy Project Managerabinettii@cltoronto.ca

 In 2009, after extensive research, and consultation with the sector, completed with the consulting firm, HayGroup® the DS HR Strategy launched the Core Competencies. This work indicates the Threshold and Core Competencies required for 7 key positions in Ontario’s Developmental Services Sector. Not only have the Core Competencies been implemented in many DS agencies across the province it is has also laid the foundation for much of the work of the DS HR Strategy.

Other accomplishments of the DS HR Strategy to date include:

  • A Marketing Campaign to position employment in Ontario’s Developmental Services as a “Career of Choice. 

  • Research and reports designed to improve collaboration between agencies and colleges.

  • “Best HR Practices” manual and supporting checklists to be used by DS agencies

  • HR Metrics Manual and Tracking Tool

  • Inventory of agency-based training (ABT) programs in the DS sector and a list of modules/courses needed for a consistent, competency-based agency training in the sector.

  • Piloting of core competencies for administrative staff.

  • MTCU reviewed the DSW Program and Apprenticeship Standards for Colleges to review for curriculum revisions.

  • Piloting of 6 course outline templates for workplace learning (ABT).

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning Guide for agencies.

Throughout the DS HR Strategy professionals working in Ontario’s DS agencies have participated on committees and focus groups, responded to surveys, tested materials through pilot initiatives and have truly shaped the DS HR Strategy and the tools and materials developed. The contributions of agencies and outstanding professionals Sector has not only made the DS HR Strategy a success, but also a model that continues to be of interest to other sectors.