Core Competencies


In 2010 the DS HR Strategy published a report and dictionary reflecting extensive work completed to recognize the Core Competencies required of superior performers in Ontario’s Developmental Services Sector.  Since that time the Core Competencies have been implemented by DS Agencies across the province, and by Colleges offering the DSW program.  The Core Competencies are the cornerstone of the work completed by the DS HR Strategy and serve as the foundation for the future work to achieve our goals.  Agencies interested in implementing Core Competencies should contact Ann-Marie Binetti at

For more information, visit the Core Competencies Implementation Committee page.

 Introduction to Core Competencies:

Core Competencies Implementation Guide
Introduction to Core Competencies - Agenda
Introduction Facilitators Guide
Introduction to Core Competencies Workshop Slides
Competency Backgrounder
Introduction Workshop Evaluation
Matching Game Worksheet
Matching Game
Development Resource Guide6
ED Resource Development Guide
ICC Tab Page

Behavioural Based Interviews (BBI):

Behavioural-Based Interviewing Facilitator Guide
Behaviour-Based Interviewing Workshop Slides
BBI Participant Workbook
Interview Prep Guide
Observer Checklist
Identifying Codable Data
BBI Workshop Evaluation
BBI Interview Guide
BBI Interview Guide - DS Supervisor
BBI Interview Guide - DSP
BBI Interview Guide - Manager
BBI Interview Guide - Director 
BBI Interview Guide - Clinical Specialist
BBI Tabs

Coaching for Core Competencies:

Coaching Agenda
Coaching for Competencies Facilitator Guide
Coaching for Competencies Workshop Slides
Discussion Challenge
5a Discussion Planner - Employee
5b Discussion Planner - Manager
Coaching Tabs



Core Competencies: Here are seven additional core competencies for supported individuals to know
Competency Assessment Workbook
Core Competencies Dictionary 
Administrative Employees: Core Competencies Dictionary
Administrative Core Competencies Summary
Introduction to Administrative Competencies
Core Competencies Project: Executive Directors


YouTube: Creative Problem Solving
YouTube: Advocating for Others
YouTube: Introduction to the Core Competencies
YouTube: Fostering Independence in Others
YouTube: Core Competencies and Collaboration


Competency Assessment Questionnaires:
Direct Support professional 
Administrative Assistants
Executive Assistants, Coordinators

Volunteers and Special Events Coordinators
Clinical Specialist 
Direct Support Supervisor
Executive Director