Covid-19- Resources for Developmental Services Agencies


Developmental Service Agencies across the Province are working hard to create resources and aids that will help them deal with the COVID 19 crisis. The list below is meant to act as a repository for materials created by organizations in hopes to share knowledge and help eachother. 

 If you have any resources you would like posted, please email 


Weekly Updates from Daily Provincial Network Meetings 

As the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up here in Ontario, the Provincial Network began meeting daily, effective March 18th. Our role has been to look at the overarching issues of the sector and develop a coordinated approach to providing information, resources and collaboration between our networks and government.Click Here for weekly reports 

**NEW** Guidance for Group Homes and Co-Living Settings- Ministry of Health: Click Here

Webinars / Videos 

Webinar Recording: Understanding & Navigating COVID-19: Click Here 
The webinar highlights two guest physicians who are frontline COVID-19 leads at their respective hospitals. Topics covered include information on the virus and how agency staff can take care of themselves as well as the people they support


Using Personal Protective Equipment Training Video Click Here
This video shows how to prepare to use PPE, how to put it on (donning), and how to take it off safely (doffing). Prepared by Community Living Toronto  


Screening Resources and Visits  

The following are samples of resources developed by various agencies:

Directive and Protocol for Family Visits – Community Living Toronto
Online Screening Tool – CLASS
Screening Protocol- Community Living Toronto 
Active Screening Memo- Kerry’s Place
Active Screening Protocol- All Staff- Kerry’s Place
Active Screening Questionnaire for Staff - Kerry’s Place  
Active Screening Questionnaire for Visitors - Kerry’s Place
Further Instructions on Screening for Managers- Kerry’s Place 

Decision Making Charts and Checklists 

The following are samples of resources developed by various agencies:

Step 1- Guidance on Responding to Exposure ScenariosStep 2- Supporting people suspected to have COVID-19Step 3- Supporting people with COVID-19- Community Living Parry Sound 

Kerry's Place Guidance for Managers - for Person Supported Screening Positive
FLOWCHART COVID-19 Kerry's Place Guidance for Managers
COVID-19 Checklist for Residential Facilities-Kerry's Place 
Screening and Management Decision Tree – Community Living Toronto

Step 1- Guidance on Responding to Exposure Scenarios; Step 2- Supporting people suspected to have COVID-19; Step 3- Supporting people with COVID-19- Christian Horizons 


Personal Protective Equipment Information

The following are samples of resources developed by various agencies:

Recommendations for use of protective equipment for care of Individuals with suspect or confirmed COVID 19 in Group Living Residences – York Region 

(PPE) Clarification for Persons Supported in Isolation- Kerry’s Place 

Donning PPE- Community Living Toronto
Duffing PPE- Community Living Toronto
Distribution Process for PPE:  Community Living Toronto
PPE Usage Guidelines:  Community Living Toronto
PPE Estimates Calculator



Human Resources Materials, Policies and FAQ Documents

The following are samples of resources developed by various agencies:

Refusal to Work Protocol – Community Living Toronto
Refusal to Work Policy- Community Living Toronto 
HC FAQs Class Exemption - Pandemic
COVID 19 Protection Policy – Brantwood
Alternative Work Assignment Directive- Community Living Toronto  
Working from Home Memo – Ottawa Rotary Club 
Sample Memo- Understanding Essential Service for Our Workplace
Cleaning Fact Sheet 


Resources from the Community Networks of Specialized Care 
How to prepare for your upcoming appointment during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Pathway to Care: If you suspect or someone you support has Coronavirus/ COVID-19 

      Additional Helpful Sector Websites 

1.      Community Living Ontario: Click Here-  A resource hub and has launched a new Update Friday section:  Staying Connected-new resources will appear weekly alongside a feature member story.   Target Audience: Individuals, Families, Agencies 

2.      OASIS: Click Here- Contains links to the most up-to-date information from the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario and the World Health Organisation. There is also a forum section, where member agencies can share their own information and best practices with one another: Target Audience: OASIS Members 

3.      ConnectABILITY : Click Here- Created a page dedicated to resources while in social isolation. In addition to all the resources already posted on the site:Target Audience: Individuals, Families, Staff Members

4.      Partners for Planning: Click Here- Focusing on staying connected:Target Audience: Individuals, Families, Staff

5.      HCARDD: Click Here- Focusing on wellness and staying connected:Target Audience: Individuals, Families Staff, Everyone

6.      Real Exchange: Click Here- Hosts webinars, knowledge exchange: Target Audience: Agencies

7.      Canadian Association for Community Living: Click Here- Disability Related issues related to COVID 19: Target Audience: Individuals, Families

8.      ARCH Disability Law: Click Here -Disability Related issues related to COVID 19:Target Audience: Individuals, Families

 9. Christian Horizons: Click Here- COVID 19 information page Target Audience: Staff, Individuals, Families and Agencies