DS Agencies

As with any sector, it can be difficult to find, recruit and retain qualified employees to work in developmental services. To assist agencies in this area, the Developmental Service Human Resource Strategy has developed a number of tools and resources based on best practices  to support human resource professionals in everything from recruiting new employees to implementing core competencies to succession planning.

For example, the strategy has a secure site where agencies can access, at no cost, professionally designed brochures, posters and job advertisements and customize them with their own information.  To register your agency for a login and password please contact the Project Manager: Ann-Marie Binetti at abinetti@cltoronto.ca

Agencies are also invited to post their career opportunities on the strategy's Facebook page. You can do this by going on the facebook page here and post job posting link on the page wall.


Links to Agency Videos: 

Watch the video(link is external) to see how someone working in developmental services helped John find his voice.

Watch the video(link is external) to see how Shannon got involved in the community thanks to someone working in developmental services.


List of College and University Programs

Below is a list of colleges that offer the Developmental Services Worker program. A list of universities that offer programs in the Developmental Services field is also included. Contact your local Developmental Services Agency to discuss what program might be best suited for your career in developmental services.

Click the compass to view the list of College and University Programs OR if you are unable to complete this action, visit Find a DS Agency or School.