Working with Colleges

The Colleges and Universities have a critical role in Ontario’s Developmental Services Workforce. The DS HR Strategy has worked with educators from the Developmental Services Worker Program across Ontario to conduct research, analyze and prepare reports and tools that will support the work of both agencies and Educators. The purpose is to provide consistent expectations to all DSW programs that regards to employer requirements when hiring.

List of Colleges and Universities

Below is a list of colleges that offer the Developmental Services Worker program. A list of universities that offer programs in the Developmental Services field is also included. Contact your local Developmental Services Agency to discuss what program might be best suited for your career in developmental services.

Click the compass to view the list of College and University Programs OR if you are unable to complete this action, visit Find a DS Agency or School.


Learning and Development Opportunities to build relationships between colleges and agencies

Workplace learning has a critical role in maintaining a qualified workforce.  Previous work by the DS HR Strategy has laid the foundation for better understanding the current trends and future opportunities for workforce learning.  The findings as well as information about learning and development in the DS Sector is available on this page.

The document attached below has been developed by the Program Standards Committee of the Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy to highlight opportunities that agencies and colleges could use to build a strong and collaborative relationship. The material for this document was collected through conversations with representatives from Developmental Service agencies, Colleges and DSW Advisory Committees. The strategies presented in this document are for consideration purposes. Agencies and colleges will need to approach opportunities to build relationships with an understanding of their unique organizations and the individual challenges and opportunities they may have.