Human Resources

The DS HR Strategy has developed a number of documents and resources to assist the person/ people who are responsible for the HR process in DS agencies across the province.  Check out the DS HR Strategy Committee pages to access these documents. There are a number of DS HR Regional Networks across the province that meet regularly throughout the year to discuss the unique HR needs and challenges of the DS Sector.  Below is a list of the DS HR Regional Networks and the contact information for the leads of each network. Consider connecting with the HR network in your area. If you do not see an DS HR Regional Network in your area consider contacting the Project Manager: Ann-Marie Binetti at for some suggestions on how to start one in your area.

The DS HR Strategy has taken a multi-pronged approach to achieving its goals to:

  • Increase pool of qualified developmental services professionals
  • Ensure consistency in education, training and professional development in Ontario’s developmental services sector
  • Provide opportunity for a variety of career paths for developmental service professionals.
  • Enhance management expertise

Photograph of a staff member at our career fair

To achieve these goals, subcommittees of the DS HR Strategy participate in research, including gathering information from the sector and reviewing literature.  Their work has been compiled into reports and documents to be shared with Ontario’s DS Sector, particularly those working in a Human Resources Capacity.  

Documents created by the subcommittees that can assist you can be found on each committees page: