Here is what Ontario's Developmental Services can offer you:

  • variety of work schedules
  • competitive benefits and salary
  • training and development opportunities to further your skill set
  • diverse roles and jobs
  • personal reward and satisfaction
  • work that involves a team
  • opportunities for recent graduates as well as people looking for a second career

People working in Ontario’s Developmental Services sector seek to provide a high quality of service and support to people with developmental disabilities. Their work strives to promote and facilitate community inclusion, meaningful participation and full citizenship. There are many different roles and employment opportunities for working in this sector.

Although a passionate spirit, a caring heart and optimistic attitude are an asset, a career in the developmental services sector also requires training.

In-service training is provided by organizations within the sector. There are also university and college programs in Ontario that offer specialized college and university degrees that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure a long and successful career.

Some related post-secondary programs include:

  • Developmental Services Worker diploma (DSW)
  • Social Service Worker diploma (SSW)
  • Developmental Disabilities Counsellor Certificate
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Behavioural Science Technician diploma
  • Bachelor of Social Work                                                           

Watch the video to see how someone working in developmental services helped John find his voice.

Watch the video to see how Shannon got involved in the community thanks to someone working in developmental services.

List of Colleges and Universities

Below is a list of colleges that offer the Developmental Services Worker program. A list of universities that offer programs in the Developmental Services field is also included. Contact your local Developmental Services Agency to discuss what program might be best suited for your career in developmental services.

Click the compass to view the list of College and University Programs OR if you are unable to complete this action, visit Find a DS Agency or School.


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